Teen Connection

Why I am a Christian Scientist
By Jacey Williams
The conversation with her friend was going well … until the subject of religion came up. What was she supposed to say about Christian Science? And would her friend judge her?  Read...
By Lizzie Witney
Drinking was a big part of her social life, but when this writer discovered a deeper form of happiness than she’d ever found while drinking, she decided she might even be willing to give up alcohol. But how would her friends react? Read...
By Tien Stone Langlois
During a mountain biking expedition, she found herself afraid and struggling—in over her head. What can we do when we find ourselves similarly overwhelmed? This author explains how understanding more about God, and our relation to God, paves the way to success. Read...
By Susan Snipes
This author was swirling in confusion and distress over a relationship problem. But when she asked God for help with fixing it, she got a surprising answer. Read...


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